FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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How many absorbers do I need for my room?

As a rule of thumb:
For a noticeable improvement in room acoustics, we recommend adding an area of absorbers that corresponds to approx. 30 - 50 % of the surface area of a room.

You can easily calculate your requirements using our free room acoustics app.
Link to the App:

Tip: Noise is often a matter of subjective perception. You can also start with a smaller amount and then add to it as needed.

What thickness should I choose for the products?

The following applies to sound-dampening materials:
The thicker the material, the better the effect. For high levels of sound or for very high rooms ( more than 3 m of room height), choose the thicker version.

For a sound-insulating material applies: 25 mm thick material already attenuates sound over a wide band. 50 mm thickness gives an advantage at lower frequencies.

How do sound absorbers work?

All our acoustic products are made of open-cell materials, which perfectly absorbs sound waves. When absorbed, the sound energy is converted into heat energy. This creates the desired effect of less reverberation or noise being heard in a room.

Can I get an offer?

You are welcome to send us a non-binding inquiry at any time to sales@soniflex.de, through which we will then provide you with an individual offer.

You will receive your goods faster if you order directly via our online store. Our online store is aimed at private as well as commercial customers.

Is it possible to purchase by invoice?

For commercial customers, we may offer purchase by invoice up to a value of goods of € 500. We supply public clients by invoice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What is the delivery time?

Within Germany, the delivery time is about 5-10 days. We point out possible different delivery times on the respective product page.

More details about payment and delivery can be found here: Shipping Costs and Minimum Order Value

How much are the shipping costs?

Within Germany we deliver free of shipping costs from 100 €.

For deliveries up to 100 € 19.90 € (gross) packaging and shipping costs apply.

For delivery to other countries, you can see the shipping costs in the following table: Shipping Costs and Minimum Order Value

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order value (value of goods) is EUR 45.00 gross (= EUR 37.82 net).

Is it possible to get a return?

A right of return / revocation applies only to consumers (= private customers) in the sense of §13 BGB. The goods must be returned to us at your expense; freight collect shipments will not be accepted by our incoming goods department. As soon as we have received the goods and they have been checked by our incoming goods department for completeness and intactness, we will issue a credit note minus a 20% handling fee. The credit amount can be offset against a future order. A refund will not be made.

Is there a shipment tracking?

After your package leaves our company, we will send you a shipping confirmation email. In this message there is also a tracking number.

What is the difference between sound insulation and sound absorption?

Sound insulation is the shielding of one room against the transmission of sound emissions in another room, e.g. insulation of the wall to the neighbor or encapsulation of a machine.
- To build a "dam" around the noise source so that the noise cannot spread.

Sound absorption is the dampening of airborne sound in a room.
- Improved speech intelligibility - Reduction of loudness - Reduction of reverberation - Optimization of room acoustics

Are the sound absorbers flammable?

Depending on the type of material, our sound absorbers have different temperature resistances. For example, to increase fire protection, fire-resistant fibers are included. Thus, many of our products are classified as flame retardant.

How can I mount the products?

For many of our products, a self-adhesive backing can be selected as an option. Please note here that the absorbers can then no longer be removed without further ado. Exception: our door insulation soni PORTA has a self-adhesive solution, which allows the elements to be removed without leaving any residue.

In most cases, our sound insulation panels are glued on with our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE.

You will find further options for mounting under: Accessories


soni VELCRO tape
Silně lepicí páska na suchý zip - pro snadnou a rychlou instalaci akustických materiálů.Naše páska soni VELCRO je ideální pro upevnění akustických prvků, jako je soni ELEMENT nebo soni COMFORT.Jednoduše přitiskněte stranu se suchým zipem k zadní straně akustického panelu, odstraňte ochrannou fólii z lepicí strany pásky a nainstalujte akustický prvek na požadované místo na stěně nebo stropě.Délka role: 5 mŠířka: 50 mm

Obsah: 5 m (107,77 Kč* / 1 m)

538,87 Kč*
soni ZÁVĚS samolepicí
soni RING HANGER - for easy and fast mounting of acoustic materials. An excellent solution for the installation of sound absorbers such as soni ELEMENT, soni PROTECT or soni COMFORT.After removing the protective film, affix the soni ring hanger at the desired place on the acoustic element and hang the element from a screw hook (not included in the scope of delivery) or similar on the wall or ceiling.Ring hanger, self-adhesive for strong, long-term bondDimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 cm + ringMax. load per ring hanger: max. 1 kg

211,38 Kč*
Naše soni SPECIÁLNÍ LEPIDLO je ideální lepidlo pro bodovou i celoplošnou fixaci zvukově izolačních materiálů a akustických prvků z pěn s otevřenými buňkami, zejména melaminových a PUR pěn.Stabilní soni SPECIÁLNÍ LEPIDLO bez rozpouštědel zajišťuje vynikající přilnavost k typickým stavebním materiálům, jako je beton, omítka, zdivo, cement a dřevo. Díky elastoplastickému jednosložkovému polymerovému lepidlu lze naše panely z pěnové hmoty s otevřenými buňkami lepit přímo na stěnu nebo strop. Viz také náš leták "Pokyny pro zpracování a skladování".Náš soni SPECIÁLNÍ LEPIDLO je k dispozici v kartuších o objemu 310 ml, v sadách po 6 nebo 12 kartuších.Upozornění:  soni SPECIÁLNÍ LEPIDLO není vhodný pro PE pěny, jako je soni RESIST.Uchovávejte mimo dosah dětí!

Varianty od 225,59 Kč*
120,02 Kč*
Pro mechanickou fixaci zvukově izolačního materiálu.Sada 1 (pro materiál o tloušťce 25 až 32 mm) se skládá z 20 nylonových kotev 8x40, 20 šroubů 6x70/42 a 20 fixačních kotoučů.Sada 2 (pro materiál o tloušťce 50 až 52 mm) se skládá z 20 nylonových kotev 8x40, 20 šroubů 6x90/56 a 20 fixačních disků.

Varianty od 318,42 Kč*
232,69 Kč*
Naše soni NARÁŽECÍ TRNY nabízejí snadný a rychlý způsob instalace akustických materiálů na hladké a čisté povrchy.soni NARÁŽECÍ TRNY mají základ se samolepicí zadní stranou. Vysoce kvalitní lepidlo zajišťuje dlouhodobě bezpečnou instalaci našich akustických materiálů. Pomocí přiloženého fixačního destičky udržíte protihlukový materiál na místě. A jako poslední krok zakryjte špičku ocelového kolíku ochrannou krytkou.Sada se skládá z 20 základních desek s trnem, fixačních destiček a ochranných krytek.Sada 1 (délka kolíku: 42 mm) je vhodná pro panely o tloušťce 25 - 30 mm.Sada 2 (délka kolíku: 63 mm) je vhodná pro panely o tloušťce 50 mm.Sada obsahuje  20 ks

Varianty od 387,74 Kč*
306,18 Kč*
soni ZÁVĚSNÉ SPIRÁLY (24 spirál)
Akustické desky jsou zavěšeny na stropě pomocí závěsných spirál. Snadno se vkládají do akustických prvků a mohou být zavěšeny pomocí oček na ocelovém laně nebo zavěšeny na háčcích.Očka lze ohnout a použít je jako háčky.Rozměry: průměr 15 mm, celková délka 80 mm, délka cívek 69 mm.Sada se skládá z 24 spirál.

Obsah: 24 piece(s) (42,44 Kč* / 1 piece(s))

1 018,46 Kč*

Where are soniflex products manufactured?

Our products are "Made in Germany" and are manufactured in Baden-Württemberg between Ulm and Lake of Constance. While we Swabians are known for our thriftiness, we can assure you that we do not save on quality when it comes to our products. All of our acoustic products are made from high-quality raw materials that also have a long service life. In addition, our acoustic foams are odor-neutral and durable.

Does the material decompose over time?

We can specify a service life of 30 years for our acoustic products based on PES fleece.

Can I cut the absorbers to my needed size by myself?

Most of our products can be cut to the required size with a standard cutter knife.

It is easier and more accurate to cut the absorbers to size using a jigsaw with a jigsaw blade for soft material (serrated edge), such as Bosch jigsaw blade or with a special foam saw.

Bosch Schaumstoffsäge mit Sägeblatt

Are the sound absorbers harmful to health?

Our products are made from high quality raw materials. They are mineral fiber free and harmless to health.

Which material is best suited for outdoor use?

If the product is directly exposed to daylight or UV light, we recommend soni RESIST UV. This product has been developed for outdoor use through special UV stabilization and has excellent weather resistance.

If the product is used outdoors but is protected by an enclosure, you can also use soni RESIST.

How can I soundproof a compressor or pump?

For sound insulation of a compressor/pump we recommend to build an enclosure with a distance of approx. 30 cm (among other things because of the heat development). Sheet steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm or more insulates better than wood. However, since wood is easier to work with for most users, we recommend chipboard (from 19 mm). These provide almost the same effect.

For the inner lining of the enclosure we recommend our products soni COMPOSITE, soni RESIST or soni WAVE. Another simple alternative is our soni RESIST box, which can be easily assembled in just a few minutes.

How can I insulate my roller shutter box?

For the sound-insulating inner lining of roller shutter boxes, we recommend our heavy foil: soni EVA (plastic-based).

As a general rule, doubling the mass increases the sound insulation by 6 dB. 6-10 dB reduction is subjectively perceived as half as loud. Even more effective is the use of soni COMPOSITE in 32 mm thickness, provided there is sufficient space inside the box.

To dampen the impact when opening or closing the roller shutter, we recommend our roller shutter impact protection soni SOFT-CLOSE.